Why Does the Inside of My Car Smell?

Why Does the Inside of My Car Smell?Germs, grime, and impurities build up inside your car and can cause your vehicle to smell, which is why auto detailing is so important. Car detailing will remove these contaminants so your car is smells fresh!

There can be a lot of reasons the inside of your car smells. Here are three of the top reasons the inside your vehicle might smell:

1.) Eating in the Car

As eating in the car has gained popularity, there has been a sharp increase in smelly cars. Leftover food containers leave an odor that lingers even after they’ve been thrown away. Liquid or takeout food can spill on seats and carpets, leaving upholstery with unsightly stains and unpleasant smells. Worst of all is the food you forget about. The apple core left by a child in the back of the vehicle. The fast food bag that was shoved under the seat. The coffee that has been sitting in the backseat cupholder for a month.

2.) Pets

Our furry four-legged friends are lovable, but they bring a lot of dirt and allergens into the vehicle with them. If you frequently ride with your dog or cat (or bird or reptile or bunny or guinea pig), they could be bringing contaminants into your vehicle. Those particles rest on your upholstery and carpets, and pretty soon you have a smelly car. Not to mention hair or fur on your seats and the allergens and dander that can accumulate, making a car ride uncomfortable for those with allergies.

3.) Everyday Use

Americans spend a lot of time in their vehicles. We climb in and out of our cars several times a day, tracking dirt and pollutants in with us. When it rains and snows, we bring in more of a mess on the bottom of our feet. The everyday use of our vehicles means we put a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles and it shows.

These are all issues that may make you wonder, why does the inside of my car smell? Fortunately, Detail Central can help! Our detailing service can help rid your car of unappetizing odors.  On our menu of services, in addition to our classic, signature, and ultimate detailing, we have a list of a la carte detailing services. Serval of these auto detailing services can be critical in removing smell from your vehicle including: Ozone Deodorizing Treatment Refresh, Pet Package, and Hot Water Extract Rear Cargo Area (where your pet, or dirty equipment, or sweaty sports gear may sit). Talk to an expert about removing odors from your vehicle by calling (253) 854-6762.