What’s Included in Car Detailing?

Car DetailingAuto detailing is essential to maintaining the comfort and cleanliness of your vehicle. You may have heard several times that you need to get your car detailed, but isn’t cleaning it at home just as good? Getting your vehicle professionally detailed is different than a normal cleaning.

Car detailing includes several steps to restore your vehicle to like-new condition.

  • Vacuum the seats, carpets, and entire interior
  • Clean and polish the dashboard, vents, instruments, and trim
  • Clean all cloth, leather, and floor mats
  • Clean the inside and outside of all windows
  • Wash, dry, and wax the exterior
  • Clean and polish all tires and rims

Detail Central includes all these steps in every detail job.

We also clean inside of the door jambs, hot water extract carpets and floor mats, and use rejuvenation polish on the exterior of your car. These extra steps make sure your car looks showroom ready.

We offer three levels of detailing for the interior and exterior of your vehicle: classic, signature, and ultimate. Depending on your needs, including if you only want the inside or outside of your car detailed, you can pick the right package for you. We also have additional services for specific issues, like pets, stains, leather seats, and more!

One of the best things about our car detailing services is the ability to customize. Every car and every driver is unique, so you may need different services. For example, an older vehicle with yellowed lights may need headlight restoration. This will restore the aged look of your headlights, making your car look newer and fresher. Most importantly, your headlights will be able to shine through better, increasing your visibility. Another driver may have pets that often ride in their vehicle. Our Pet Package, with a deep vacuum and ozone deodorizing treatment refresh, is a perfect fit!

Whether you’ve been wondering what’s included in a car detailing, or you’re ready to book your appointment, Detail Central is the facility to contact. We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Be sure to check out our specials as well.