How to clean inside your car?

Is the interior of your car looking a little worse for the wear? If your floorboards are littered with debris, your dashboard is dusty, and your seats are dirty, it’s probably time to clean the inside of your car. Keeping the interior of your car clean is important because it can extend the life of the leather, vinyl, plastic, and other components with proper maintenance. It can also increase your car’s resale value. Most importantly, it makes you feel good to drive a clean car!

Here are some straightforward steps to clean the inside of your car:

  1. Take everything non-essential out of your vehicle. Leave the insurance information and the spare tire. The trash under the seats? The pile of grimy change in the center console? The pile of napkins you never use? Remove everything. Throw away all trash and take care of the rest.
  2. Vacuum everything you can: floorboards, floor mats, seats, vents, dashboard, etc. The more thorough you are with this step, reaching underneath seats and into crevices, the cleaner your car will be.
  3. Use a soft microfiber cloth and water with mild soap to clean vinyl, rubber, and plastic. This includes your center console, doors, floors, dashboard, or other areas. You can use a stiff-bristled brush if your floor mats are textured vinyl, but use a softer brush, such as a toothbrush or soft paintbrush to clean the crannies and vents in your dashboard.
  4. If you have leather in your car, use a clean rag and leather cleaner to wipe down all seating, then apply a leather conditioner. For fabric seats, use appropriate upholstery cleaner.
  5. Lastly, clean the windows and windshield using a window cleaner.

Keeping your car clean (using the proper tools and products) can completely refresh your interior and keep it maintained. If this task is a little daunting, don’t worry. Detail Central offers professional auto detailing that will complete the job in no time. You can drop off your vehicle for a “spa date” and pick up a car that is shiny and clean – inside and out! Let our auto professionals thoroughly clean the entire interior and exterior of your car. We offer three different services: Classic, Signature, and Ultimate, so pick the perfect fit for your vehicle and your budget. We even offer additional services like headlight restoration. Contact us to schedule your detailing today.

How to clean inside your car

What is the best thing to clean car dashboard?

If you’ve ever cleaned the inside of your car, only to be left with a dirty and grimy dash, you’ve probably wondered what the best thing to clean your car dashboard is. You don’t want to harm your vehicle’s interior, but you also want to make sure it’s clean. It can be particularly frustrating if you use a paper towel or other cleaning tool that leaves those telltale small white flecks all over your dash. The dust may be gone but they’ve left an irritating remnant in their place! Dirty car interiors can be both gross and unhealthy, as they are a hotbed of germs that can make us sick. Detail Central can help you make sure your dashboard is kept clean.

The best thing to clean your car dashboard is:

  • Vacuum with Attachment
  • Soft Microfiber Cloth
  • Water and Mild Soap
  • Toothbrush or Soft Paintbrush
  • Polish
  1. To begin, use your vacuum with brush attachments to vacuum the dash. Attempt to pick up any dust or debris on the dash.
  2. Next, take a soft microfiber cloth, dipped in water, to wipe down your dash. If the interior of your car is particularly grimy, fill a bowl with warm water and mild soap. Use this to wipe the dashboard, steering wheel, hand brake, and interior plastic of your vehicle.
  3. Likely, it will be difficult to clean in the small crevices and vents. Use a toothbrush, soft paintbrush, or designated dash brush to gently remove dirt. Be careful so you don’t scratch the delicate parts of your car.
  4. Once your dash is clean and dry – you can use another dry microfiber cloth to rub down the dash if needed – you can add shine by polishing it. You can pick up a wide variety of polishes at automotive parts stores. Pick the polish of your choice and put a small amount onto a clean and dry cloth, then rub the cloth over the dash. Repeat until the entire dashboard is polished. You can polish the center console as well. If there is excess polish when you’ve finished, remove with a dry cloth.

That’s it! You should have a shiny and clean dashboard. If you are looking for someone to take on this task for you, come to Detail Central! Our detailing service will not only leave your dashboard sparkling, we will clean the entire interior and exterior of your vehicle.

What is the best thing to clean car dashboard?