Auto Detailing Services Kent WA

Auto Detailing Services Kent WAFor comprehensive interior and exterior auto detailing services in Kent WA, come to Detail Central located across the street from Central Avenue Automotive, where we take care of all vehicle types, makes, and models.

While auto detailing may be considered a luxury by some, occasional detailing should be seen as regular maintenance to help keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. Our auto detailing service provides preventive care by maintaining your automobile’s exterior from the gradual effects that can cause paint oxidation and could prove to be costly in the long run:

  • Grime
  • Acid rain
  • Salt
  • Ultraviolet light rays

Auto Detailing can Improve the Safety of Your Vehicle.

Grimy, oxidized headlights can significantly decrease headlight brightness, making it almost impossible to see at nighttime, just as dirty windows or streaked windshields can greatly diminish visibility. A professional cleaning at our auto detailing center can also remove germs, dirt, and allergens from your vehicle which can be harmful to your health and cause unpleasant odors. It can even help boost the resale value of your vehicle—sometimes up to an extra 10-15%! And, of course, a great detail job ensures your vehicle appears attractive both on the exterior and interior, so you can enjoy that new-car look once again.

At our auto detailing center we offer a Classic Detail Package that includes both interior and exterior services such as all-over vacuuming and hot water extraction of carpets and floor mats, window cleaning, cloth and leather cleaning, complete dashboard detailing, hand wash and dry, paint rejuvenation polish, express wax, and rim and tire detail.

When you’re in need of auto detailing services in Kent WA, call (253) 277-1917 or visit us online to schedule your appointment. We’ll get your vehicle looking as good as new!