Auto Cleaning Detailing Kent WA

Auto Cleaning Detailing Kent WA

When you’re in need of superior auto cleaning and detailing in Kent WA, Detail Central is your answer. Located across the street from Central Avenue Automotive, we are the preferred auto detailing center for local drivers, offering comprehensive interior and exterior auto detailing services for all vehicle types, makes, and models.

While some prefer to clean inside their car themselves, our auto detailing technicians offer a professional clean with top-notch products that can’t be beat.

Occasional cleaning and detailing should be seen as regular maintenance to help keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Auto detailing helps maintain your automobile’s exterior from the natural elements, such as grime, acid rain, salt, and ultraviolet light rays, which can cause paint oxidation and could be a costly side effect. It can also improve the safety of your vehicle. For example, dingy, oxidized headlights can greatly decrease nighttime visibility, while unclean windows or streaked windshields can prove a safety hazard. In addition, a professional cleaning can offer an effective way of removing harmful germs, dirt, and allergens from your vehicle which can adversely affect your health. And did you know that it can even boost the resale value of your vehicle—sometimes by up to 10-15%? Basically, a thorough detail job will make your vehicle look great both inside and out, and you can’t beat that!

For auto detailing prices, download our complete list of services. For special deals, check out our website or call us at (253) 277-1917.

Looking for quality auto detailing shops but don’t know where to go? Stop by Detail Central and see for yourself why vehicle owners chose us when they need professional auto cleaning and detailing in Kent WA. And remember…it only runs as good as it looks!